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Publicaciones | «Indigenous Struggles and Water Policies in New Caledonia»

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«Indigenous Struggles and Water Policies in New Caledonia» | Benoît Trépied - 13 de junio de 2012

Un article de Benoît Trépied intitulé « Indigenous Struggles and Water Policies in New Caledonia » , est paru dans la revue Social Identities Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture - volume 18, N° 4, dans un numéro spécial coordonné par Natacha Gagné et Marie Salaün, intitulé : Indigeneity in Oceania Today : A Conceptual Tool, a Battle Cry and an Experience.

L’introduction du numéro, “Appeals to Indigeneity : insights from Oceania", est téléchargeable en libre accès ici.

Résumé :

Following the struggles of the 1980s, the Matignon and Nouméa Agreements profoundly transformed the issue of decolonization in New Caledonia. Although most decision-making powers will be controlled by the collegial local Government in 2014, there is no guarantee that the ‘Republic of Kanaky’ will become a tangible reality after the referendum. However, the principle of Kanak sovereignty has already been asserted in the Nouméa Agreement, through recognition of Kanak identity within a broader Caledonian citizenship – which may become full nationality after 2014. In this context, as New Caledonia engaged in this progressive decolonization process, two distinct political Kanak strategies have emerged in recent years. The paper addresses the cleavages that have emerged between pro-independence and ‘indigenous’ Kanak activists, through an ethnographic description of this phenomenon on a local scale, namely a political conflict concerning a water conveyance project in the Northern Province.

Référence :

Benoît Trépied (2012), « Indigenous Struggles and Water Policies in New Caledonia », Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, Volume 18, Issue 4.

Table des matières :

  • “Appeals to Indigeneity : insights from Oceania"-Natacha Gagné & Marie Salaün
  • “Sovereignty, Indigeneity, Identities : Perspectives from Hawai’i”-Judith Schachter & Albrecht Funk
  • “ Indigeneity as process : Maori claims and neoliberalism”-Fiona McCormack
  • “Expressions of Maori Multiplicity in (Re) Connection to Nga Taonga Tuku Iho”-Lily George
  • “The Negotiation of Takapuneke : conflicting notions of value of a tapu site”-Chad Huddleston
  • "Indigenous Struggles and Water Policies in New Caledonia" - Benoît Trépied
  • “Ethnicity, Nationality, and the Rights of Indigeneity : The Case of Rotumans in Fiji”-Alan Howard & Jan Rensel

Source: Taylor & Francis online

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