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Olivier Allard – researcher – research area : Venezuela - 28 October 2014

Postdoctoral fellow at EHESS, Olivier Allard is an associate member of Laios - Laboratoire d’anthropologie des institutions et des organisations sociales (LAIOS-IIAC) and is also affiliated with EREA Center at Laboratoire d’Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre / CNRS). He received his PhD in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge, and devoted his thesis to kinship relations among an amerindian group of Venezuela, the Warao, focusing on the interplay of moral issues and emotional processes in their daily life and ritual practices. He currently researches Amerindians, their involvement with bureaucracy and their impact on political processes.

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Patricia Alvarado - Master’s Student - Research area : Mexico - 28 October 2014

Patricia Alvarado studied economics at Michoacana University in Mexico. She is currently a master’s student in geography at National Autonomous University in Mexico and researches the major changes connected to mining and industrial activities along the pacific coast of mexico and more specifically the links between various actors interacting at local level. Patricia also did a research visit at LAIOS (IIAC/CNRS-EHESS) to access the data of a research project carried out by Jean-Revel Mouroz’ team in the 70’s centred on mexican industrialization. During her stay she attended some seminars and conference including the second SOGIP workshop entitled « Indigenous Peoples and their rights to Land. Land policy and use, conservation, extractive industries ».

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Silvia Giordano - Master’s Student - research area : Australia - 24 September 2014

Silvia Giordano has a Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages and modern literatures and she is achieving at present a Master’s degree in «Human Rights and Ethics of the International Cooperation» at the University of Bergamo. During her studies, she spent one year in Erasmus at Lyon II University and a semester at UTS University of Technology of Sydney, where she could examine topics connected to the studies of the aboriginal peoples. On this matter, she is about to submit a thesis which analyzes the problems of the legal protection of native peoples in Australia and the related gender issues. For that purpose, she was supported by the invaluable collaboration of the team SOGIP during a research internship in March 2014. Besides, she deals with theatre and non-formal education in ERASMUS+ projects.

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