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Emmanuelle Ricaud Oneto - 13 février 2015 | Doctoral researcher– research area : Peru

Emmanuelle Ricaud Oneto is a doctoral researcher in anthropology at EHESS, integrated to the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie des Institutions et des Organisations Sociales (LAIOS-IIAC). She holds a master’s degree in ethno-ecology from the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle and a degree in sociology from the Université de Rennes 2 within the framework of exchange programme in the Universidad nacional de La Plata (Argentina). She conducted investigations in Peruvian Amazon since 2011. Firstly, her research work consisted in the study of food changes in maijuna indigenous communities. She is currently undertaking a PhD on interactions between indigenous peoples in Peruvian Amazon, the State and the regional government through public policies. Particularly, she is pursuing researches on the interconnection between public policies and indigenous food systems, identity and cultural concerns implied and the right of self-determination in resonance with the concept of food sovereignty. She collaborated with SOGIP team for the translation of scientific papers from Spanish to French.

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