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Invited researchers | Patricia Alvarado - Master’s Student - Research area : Mexico

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Patricia Alvarado - Master’s Student - Research area : Mexico - 28 October 2014

Patricia Alvarado studied economics at Michoacana University in Mexico. She is currently a master’s student in geography at National Autonomous University in Mexico and researches the major changes connected to mining and industrial activities along the pacific coast of mexico and more specifically the links between various actors interacting at local level. Patricia also did a research visit at LAIOS (IIAC/CNRS-EHESS) to access the data of a research project carried out by Jean-Revel Mouroz’ team in the 70’s centred on mexican industrialization. During her stay she attended some seminars and conference including the second SOGIP workshop entitled « Indigenous Peoples and their rights to Land. Land policy and use, conservation, extractive industries ».

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