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[EN LIGNE] Claiming Indigenousness in India | Raphaël Rousseleau - 7 February 2013

Un article de Raphaël Rousseleau intitulé « Claiming Indigenousness in India », a été publié dans la revue en ligne La vie des idées (Books and Ideas) en février 2013;

ARTICLE DISPONIBLE EN LIGNE SUR BOOKS AND IDEAS / http://www.booksandideas.net/Claiming-Indigenousness-in-India.html

Résumé :

India has created a National Commission for the Scheduled Tribes, the name given to its indigenous populations. Have the Adivasi, the other name for the Scheduled Tribes, really benefited from the Commission’s policies? There, as in many other issues in India, the problem lies in local politics.

Référence :

Raphael Rousseleau, « Claiming Indigenousness in India », La Vie des idées, 7 February 2013. ISSN : 2105-3030. URL : http://www.booksandideas.net/Claiming-Indigenousness-in-India.html

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