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Marion Dupuis | Marion Dupuis - 9 May 2011 | Webmaster/Information Officer

A graduate in contemporary history («The Palestine question as seen throughout the British press in 1947» / Rennes II) and information sciences (INTD/CNAM), she is currently in charge of the implementation of a documention project with the SOGIP program including a website, a documentation watch collaborative blog and a database. She started working in the daily press with the Daily Mirror in London and with Ouest-France newspaper (Both on the information desk in Rennes and the Paris bureau). She went on to specialise in web and multimedia documentation, being employed with web Agency Protosite and photo Agency hemis.fr. She also collaborated to various multimedia projects including the DVD-Rom «Images of Europe : the cultural patterns of European enlargement»-CULTPAT/UE as part of the European research program CULTPAT/FP5 housed at LAIOS and to the DVD-Rom «Des peuples autochtones francophones en mouvement» GITPA/UNESCO. She created, with Nicole Guinel, the Tradaphasia and Aphasia Translate websites and recently directed the video :  "Hybrides humains/animaux éphémères dans le street art" which refers in particular to the Tupinamba community in Brazil.

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