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Raphaël Rousseleau | Raphaël Rousseleau - 9 mai 2011 | researcher - Research Area : India

He is a professor of anthropology (IRCM-FTSR) at Lausanne University (Switzerland) since 2011, an associate member of the Centre for South Asian Studies (CEIAS, CNRS-EHESS) and also and a member of the SOGIP team. He holds a PhD thesis in Social Anthropology (EHESS 2004). Since 1999, he is specialized in the history and ethnography of the adivasi (“aboriginals”) or Scheduled Tribes (‘scheduled’ by the Constitution) of India, particularly in the State of Orissa. More recently, he studied the adivasi / Indian tribal art (See web site of quai Branly Museum). Within the SOGIP project framework, he extends his researches to the adivasi claims regarding land rights and self-determination concerning their territory, education and intellectual as well as cultural property rights. More information on his activities

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