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Martin Préaud | Martin Préaud - 9 mai 2011 | Researcher - Research Area : Australia

Postdoctoral researcher with SOGIP (LAIOS/EHESS) / Member of the team “anthropology of perception” led by B. Glowzcewski at the Laboratory of Social Anthropology of the College de France. Martin has a PhD in social anthropology from the EHESS-Paris and James Cook University (2009). He has developed his research on Indigenous Australia since 2004. His work was initially concerned with indigenous painting and performances, analyzed as signs of the political and cultural relationships between Indigenous people and the State. His PhD examined Kimberley Aboriginal people’s regimes of representation and political action. Developed in collaboration with the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre, an organization that federates around thirty indigenous groups, the thesis details the political, cultural and historical underpinnings of indigeneity in this region through an ethnography of Kimberley Indigenous networks and localities. Within SOGIP, his research extends to Australia as a whole, questioning the articulation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous institutions and the appropriation of global Indigenous human rights standards in Australia.

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