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Stéphanie Guyon | Stéphanie Guyon - 9 mai 2011 | Researcher - Research Area : French Guyana

She has a PhD in political sciences from the University Paris 1 (2010) and is Associate professor in Political sciences, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, researcher at CURAPP, Amiens. She has developed her research on French Guyana since 2003. Her work was initially concerned with mobilisations in favour of land rights in the Amerindian village of Balaté (St-Laurent du Maroni) and local appropriation of indigenous struggles. Her PhD examined the formation of a political space in St-Laurent du Maroni from 1949 to nowadays in order to describe relations between Amerindians, Maroons and Creols on a specific scene. Through an ethnography of local political practices, the thesis details the effective transmission of colonial hierarchies in the contemporary political space. Through SOGIP project, she comes back to ameridian land rights and at large to the appropriation of global Indigenous human rights standards extending her research to French Guyana as a whole and adding a comparative perspective with Surinam.

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